What Does the Raising the Fold in Breast Lift Mean?

Hello! What does "rasing the fold mean"? Is this an alternative to breast lift (mastopexy)? Does it involve scarring and incision? If so where? And has this been proven to be effective?

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"Raising the fold" = repositioning the breast crease for asymmetry

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"Raising the fold" refers to the breast crease where your underwire normally sits. WE call this the InfraMammary Fold or IMF.

This is not a breast lift and is most commonly performed when:

  1. an implant bottoms out
  2. a mastectomy eliminates or disrupts the fold
  3. congenital causes (asymmetry or in scoliosis) are responsible

This can be performed with an external incision or with an internal incision.

When it occurs following placement of an implant it can sometimes be accomplished using an internal "capsulorraphy" technique.

Breast lifting and “Raising the Fold”?

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"Raising the fold”  refers to moving the inframammary fold ( the junction between the breast and the abdominal wall skin) superiorly.  This can be done as part of a breast lift operation or as part of a revisionary breast operation.  Exactly,  what is necessary to raise the inframammary fold will depend on the specific patients situation.

I hope this helps.

Raising the breast fold

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Raising the breast fold is a generic term. Is this referring to raising the fold in a breast lift operation, or correcting a double bubble deformity in a breast augmentation?

Raising the fold

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"Raising the fold" implies elevating the inframammary fold of your breast. There are many reasons to do this, i.e. breast symmetry, closing down the pocket in revisional surgery, etc. It is simply one of the many techniques used in various breast procedures including breast augmentation and mastopexy.


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The fold is the inframammary fold, or the crease where the underwire to your bra goes.  It usually involves a horizontal scar of various lengths.  It does not raise the nipple, and is not a substitute for a lift.

Raising the breast fold

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The inframammary fold is the battom of the breast where it attaches to the chest. Raising the fold means that the area where the breast attches to the chest is lifted up. Sometimes when there is a breast implant in place this can be done "internally" to get a lift of the implant. It can also be done externally with a breast lift. Both involve sugery.

Raising the fold in breast lift

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The breast (or Infra mammary) fold is extremely important in establishing the crisp transition between breast and chest wall. Preserving this fold is important in breast reconstruction because it makes the reconstructed breast look much more attractive.

Breast Lifting, especially the short scar Hall-Findlay lift the breast AND its breast fold are lifted. In the process of making the breast perkier and fuller the bottom of the breast (where the breast tissue ends) is well defined (by pulling together pillars of breast tissue on both sides). The result is a higher and well defined inframammary fold.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Raising breast fold during breast lift

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To their credit both my colleagues have answered your question extremely well. I have nothing more to add. 

Go see another board certified plastic surgeon for further explanations.

Raising the inframammary fold

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The inframammary fold sets the level of the breast and determines to a large extent the appearance of the breast and the relative position of the nipple. A low fold can make a nipple look too high and a high fold make a nipple look too low. Some procedures are designed to change the position of the fold and some do that as a by-product.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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