Will Radiesse Lumps Soften and Be Less Prominent?

I just had Radiesse injected on Saturday. I feel that my doctor put too much in my cheeks. I feel like I have 2 golf balls stuck on the "apples of my cheek". They are hard too. I know she said they will soften up, but will it spread out a bit and not be so prominent? I love how it filled my hollow/sunken under eyes, and that it filled in those little creases that nothing would help.

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Radiess golf balls

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 Radiesse is a suspension of hydroxy apatite in a gel. the gel part goes away as tissue builds up. The initial hardness and swelling usually subsides in days.

Radiesse will soften

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Radiesse can fell hard and overly full right after it is injected. Other patients have also said that it feels like a couple of golf balls, but if it was injected properly, it should soften up and settle down, just like your doctor suggested. It usually takes about a week for this to happen.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

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