Cost and Number of Treatments for ProFractional Laser?

I am interested in learning more about ProFractional laser treatments for fine lines and wrinkles on my face. What is the cost per treatment, and how many treatments are usually needed? I am 53 and have had Sculptra a year ago and have Botox in forehead and corners of eye areas.

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Profractional Cost

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The cost of the procedure may vary across the country and even within the same county.  We charge $1500 for a treatment. The desired result is generally accomplished in one treatment, but it can be repeated if desired.

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Cost of Profractional laser

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Profractional laser is great for anyone seeking rejuvenation in their skins overall texture and tone.  Profractional helps with fine lines and wrinkles along with acne scarring.  Typically,  in order to treat wrinkles we recommend microlaser peel along with profractional laser peel for best results.  We charge $999 for profractional or $1,500 for microlaser peel and profractional combination treatment.

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