What Are the Potential Side Effects of Sciton Laser?

What would be the potential side effects of Sciton Profractional Laser, and the worst case if something went wrong with it? Thank you.

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Sciton Profractional laser

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Side effects of this laser would be the same as most others.  The risks of burns, hypo or hyper pigmentation, infection, blisters, contour irregularities, numbness toname a few.

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Excellent Risk to Benefit

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Hi there-

The modern lasers, like the Sciton you mention, the Mixto SX, and a few others, represent an advancement because of the fractional nature of the energy delivery, meaning that not every skin cell receives laser energy. Because some of the surface of the skin is spared, the risks of changes in pigmentation and lengthy, difficult recovery periods are largely mitigated.

The few risks that remain are injury to your eyes or teeth (goggles are mouth protectors are usually used), infection (most patients get antiviral medications), and the risk that you just don't get exactly what you wanted out of the treatment, which you should discuss with your provider.

All in all, these treatments are low risk and have excellent and reliable benefits, usually with a single treatment and short recovery. Congratulations on deciding to renew your skin!

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