What Are the Benefits of Profractional Laser?

How long do results typically last?

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They last a long time

Profractional laser treatments depending on how deep and how extensive they are should last in general a very long time. Nothing can stop the aging process however and continued sun exposure will continue to age your skin. Nevertheless you will always look better having done a procedure then not. My patients usually notice a tightening effect of the skin, fewer fine wrinkles, improved skin tone and texture for years. The deeper you go the more dramatic the effect and the longer it lasts, but the longer the downtime.

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Benefits of profractional laser

Profractional laser therapy is beneficial for anyone seeking overall skin tone and texture enhancement.  Very efficient in treating , acne scars , wrinkles  ,fine lines, post-traumatic scars, acne scars, age spots, sun spots, freckles, and aging and sun-damaged skin as well . It ablates narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the total treatment area. This action initiates the body’s wound healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing.

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Benefits of Profractional Laser

Profractional laser therapy is beneficial for anyone seeking overall skin tone and texture enhancement.   This procedure helps to tighten skin, helps improve uneven pigment irregularities, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles.  The down time is typically anywhere from 3-7 days with possible pinpoint bleeding, and swelling the first 2 days.  This procedure is ideal for anyone trying to maintain their skins health as well as improve the appearance of your skin.  Price range is typically $999-$1500 per treatment.  Usually, most patients need about 3 treatments for optimal results.

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Benefits of the Profactional Laser

Profractional is Sciton's fractional erbium laser modality.  The laser is very versatile, as both the percentage of the skin surface treated and the depth of treatment can be precisely controlled.  Tiny columns of skin are ablated with the laser, and then healing occurs rapidly from the untreated adjacent skin elements. 

Profractional is usually done as a series of treatments to optimize the result and to minimize downtime from each treatment session.  These sessions are usually done 4-6 weeks apart. I usually recommend a microlaser peel to take a very superficial layer of the skin off at the same session of Profractional.  The specifics of the treatment are customized to the patient's skin type and to the amount of down time available.  The range of post-treatment redness is usually 2-8 days.

Profractional is great for improvement of skin texture and wrinkes, for scars, and for melasma.

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Benefits of Profractional

Profractional is a quick and fairly comfortable laser procedure which requires little to no downtime (usually no more than 3 - 4 days), used to improve the overall appearance of the skin.  Profractional can be used to improve a wide variety of skin conditions including wrinkles and fine lines, post-traumatic scars, acne scars, age spots, sun spots, freckles, and aging and sun-damaged skin. The benefits are long term although it may need to be repeated to produce optimal results.

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