Procedures Best for Puffy Cheeks and Thin Lips?

I have what I call "bulldog" cheeks, and even when I was thinner the pockets of skin on the sides of mouth would always protrude (I was once asked what I had in my mouth). Add to that, I also hate my thin lips. So aside from losing weight to improve my features, do I also need to have cheek lipo (does this even exist?), chin implant, veneers, and lip lift done? Help!

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Liposuction not good for muscle bulges around mouth.

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You always have to make the right diagnosis.  The bulges you don't like are not fat, and liposuction will not help.  They are muscle bulges, like what trumpet players get.  I don't know of any treatment.

The good news is your lips look great!

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Acculift procedure ideal for fatty face

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the accusculpt 1440 wavelength laser is being used successfully along with small cannulas to reduce fatty areas in the face and has an added bonus of tightening the skin.  You should be hearing more very soon about this procedure.

Puffy cheeks

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If you feel that your face is too full, weight loss may help.  If you are complaining about  "chipmunk" cheeks, that may be hernaited buccal fat which can be gently removed. Lip fullness can be accomplished with fillers.

Recontouring puffy cheeks

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Liposuction is a safe, popular, and effective way to contour the body. However, liposuction is not done in the cheeks. Your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in cheek and facial contouring and will be able to examine you and review the options that will help you meet your goals. You may be candidate for a small amount of excision of tissue in the cheek area or they may recommend a procedure that redistributes the volume through a lift.

Difficult Issue

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I definitely see what you mean. We generally do not liposuction the face but that doesn't mean it isn't or hasn't been done. You may very well have excess fat in those areas.

In addition you have nice central lip fullness but the lateral parts of the lips could use some filler. I would also use filler in your mental (chin) crease, at the jawline just medial to the fullness and the marionette lines. This will help to decrease the appearance of the fullness.

I think you can be helped.

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