What's Best Procedure to Remove Black Tattoos from Eyelids, Cheeks and Lips? (photo)

I am a writer of young adult novels and one of my characters tattooed her face into a ghoul. (see picture) I need to get these tattoos removed so she can turn her live around. Can you tell me the best procedures for each: eyelids, cheeks and lips. All were tattooed with a single, cheap black ink that easily degrades. Also can you list the risks for each. I wish to scare young people from ever thinking about doing this to themselves..

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Tattoo Removal

In regards to laser tattoo removal, the type/color of ink, and the technique used have an important impact on the success of it.  Many black eyeliner type tattoo inks use iron in mixture, which will turn grey with laser tattoo removal.  I would recommend a test spot treatment in order evaluate the ink.  It would take several treatments to remove the ink, and she might require more than a local anesthesia due to the pain of the treatements in these sensitive areas.

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