Procedure to Fix my Uneven Breasts Without Implants?

Hello! I'm a 21 year old girl who is pretty fed up with having uneven breasts. My left breast is about a 34D, while my right looks like it could be a B cup at best. Since I've heard breasts are pretty much done growing by age 21, I'm trying to look for an alternative. What would be a procedure I could use where I don't have to get implants, but can still keep a relatively good size, if at all possible? If implants are a must, I'll get them, but right now I guess I'm trying to keep costs low.

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Treating Uneven Breasts without Using Implants

While it is not talked about very often, asymmetric breasts are quite common. In a patient with breast ptosis (sagging), a lift can be used on the larger side to bring better symmetry in the appearance of the breasts. In cases where a large discrepency exists in size and shape, and a lift will not achieve the desired results, a staged procedure with fat grafting (fat transfer from another area of the body) to the breasts can be utilized. And though you do not seem interested in adding implants, they can be very helpful to achieve symmetry in dimension, upper pole fullness and overall volume of both breasts.

Breast reduction to even out asymmetry

To achieve better symmetry of your breasts without implants, you can choose to get a breast reduction. This would decrease the larger breast so that is closer in size to the smaller breast. However, if you prefer to be larger, than an implant in the smaller breast would be your alternative.


 You need to determine which breast you like better in terms of size.If you are against the idea of implants then the best option is a small reduction with a lift on he larger left Breast will give you move symmetry

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Breast asymmetry options

Thank you for your question. Breast asymmetry is very common, particularly size asymmetry. If you are looking to decrease the asymmetry from one breast to another, then you have several options.
1) You can reduce the larger breast with liposuction
2) You can enlarge the smaller one with fat grafting or an implant
3) You can enlarge both but use different size implants
I would visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options in more detail.

Breast asymmetry options

Thank you for your question.Given your degree of asymmetry you are first going to need to determine which breast you like better in terms of size.If you like the larger breast, you will need an implant in the right breast to better match the left.If you are against the idea of implants, then this option will not work for you.If you like the right breast better, you will need a reduction on your left to match.If you wanted to get the absolute best result and you were a patient of mine, I would probably recommend operating on both of your breasts because of the asymmetry of your nipple position as well as the breast size/ shape.I would perform a lift/reduction on the left to get your nipple into a better position and decrease the size a little bit.We would also perform a mastopexy (lift) augmentation on the right to increase the size to match the left and correct the nipple position.The good news is you have several options and it depends on what side (size) you prefer, if the asymmetry of your nipple position bothers you and if you are willing to use an implant.You must also have a consultation and be examined to determine if indeed you are a good candidate which you do appear to be in the pictures.Good luck to you.

Breast Asymmetry

The photo shows an asymmetry of size, shape and nipple height. You must first decide which breast you like better, how much each of the asymmetries bother you and what incisions (scarring) you are willing to accept.

The right breast can be enlarged by implant (which you want to avoid) or fat transfer. Liposuction is done on another area of the body and the fat transferred to the right breast for enlargement. Minimal scarring. Addresses size and shape asymmetry; not nipple height asymmetry.

The left breast can be reduced. 
If the breast tissue is not too firm and is amenable to liposuction then the left breast size can be reduced by liposuction. DO NOT let your surgeon transfer this to the right breast. Minimal scarring. Addresses the size asymmetry. Likely will do nothing for shape asymmetry and nipple height asymmetry although it could make one or both worse.
Left breast reduction. Scar around the areola and down the breast; however, will address all three asymmetries.
A combination of the above.

Breast reduction liposuction

If you like the size of your right breast, then you can have the left reduced (possibly with liposuction alone to reduce scarring). This would address the size asymmetry and no implant would be needed. Liposuction breast reduction will help "keep costs low".

Correction of Uneven Breasts

This is a great question as the majority of women have breasts that are uneven from side to side. There are several ways to approach correcting the asymmetry of your breasts.

The first decision is which breast do you like more? The breasts can be lifted and or reduced so that they match or an implant can be used to increase the size of the smaller breast.

Typically a combination of these procedures is done to improve the symmetry. You are patient that could have the larger breast lifted and reduced to match the smaller breast and have a great result.

Breast reduction in larger breast

Unfortunately, there's no "natural" treatment that can reduce or enlarge the breasts. There are no creams, pills or lotions. The only safe and effective treatment approved by the FDA is breast augmentation, a breast lift, or breast reduction. A breast reduction can be performed to reduce the larger breast so that it can match the smaller one, if you don't want implants.

Implants are probably the best choice

Your breast shape is good, so that helps with respect to possible outcomes.  You need to carefully assess the risks of surgery and the possibility of improving your situation.  Adding volume in comparison to the smaller side would result in the least scarring and would probably give you the best result.  The other options may involve too much scarring or may change the breast shape for the worse.

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