Procedure to Fix my Uneven Breasts Without Implants?

Hello! I'm a 21 year old girl who is pretty fed up with having uneven breasts. My left breast is about a 34D, while my right looks like it could be a B cup at best. Since I've heard breasts are pretty much done growing by age 21, I'm trying to look for an alternative. What would be a procedure I could use where I don't have to get implants, but can still keep a relatively good size, if at all possible? If implants are a must, I'll get them, but right now I guess I'm trying to keep costs low.

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Fixing breast asymmetry

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Thank you for your question and your photo.  Indeed you appear to have a fair amount of breast asymmetry, though your breasts are each nicely sized and shaped.  The most effective method of symmetrizing your breasts will likely be a reduction of the left breast, with a simultaneous lift (mastopexy) of the right.  This will allow near matching of the breast volume, as well as shape, areolar size, and scar pattern.

Different approaches to increasing breast size?

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Creams and herbs will not work, save your money.
Not many good choices to have larger implants without surgery. You can research and try "BRAVA" suction device, or gain weight (not advised).
Surgery is the most dependable and predictable method using implants or your own fat.

You have options

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First, uneven breasts are very common so don't despair. Generally options include reduction/lifting more on one side than the other with or without implants. Another option is removing fat from the larger breast with liposuction and now with the growing trend of fat injection for the breasts the smaller breast can be enhanced. Seek consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Keep in mind that at the young age of 21, you don't want to do too much with potential problems and commit yourself to to re operations for years.

David J. Levens, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetrical breasts

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You have 2 options to achieve symmetrical breast shape and size:1. Add an implant to the smaller breast so it is the same size as the larger breast2. Breast reduction to the larger breast so that it reduces to the same size as your smaller breastThere is not a long-term non-surgical option that will give you the results you are looking for. I know you do not want an implant right now, however you did mention you want to maintain a relatively good size, so the way to achieve that would be with implants. At this point I recommend you consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon so you can learn more about both options and decide which option is best for you. Good luck!

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven breasts...

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Keep in mind that your breasts are sisters - not twins.  No two breasts are the same either before or after surgery.  That being said you can either increase the size of the smaller breast or reduce the size of the larger breast.  The easiest option would be to reduce the size of the larger breast.  But this is a starting point for a larger/longer discussion.
best of luck!


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Yes can fix uneven breasts with a breast lift. Correction of asymmetrical breasts may require several techniques including Liposuction , Fat Grafting a Breast Lift operation and sometimes adding Breast Implants. For minimal unevenness there are several suture suspension techniques that appear promising.. Alternatively non invasive ultrasound and radio frequency treatments may be beneficial .
A surgical Mastopexy procedure raises the breast by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding breast glandular tissues. This can rejuvenate your figure with a more youthful breast shape .. But it is important to know that a breast lift procedure will tend to settle with age and gradually loose its original projection and fullness over time .

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                       Marvin F. Shienbaum, MD

Procedure to fix uneven breasts without implants?

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Thank you for your question.  The first step is to determine which breast you prefer, the larger or the smaller breast.  If you like the smaller breast and would like to avoid an implant, you might be a candidate for a reduction of the larger breast to try to match the smaller breast in size.  If you like the larger size breast, an implant would be a great option but if you are against having a breast augmentation you may want to consider a fat grafting procedure.  I would recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced in breast-related procedures. 

Treating Uneven Breasts without Using Implants

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While it is not talked about very often, asymmetric breasts are quite common. In a patient with breast ptosis (sagging), a lift can be used on the larger side to bring better symmetry in the appearance of the breasts. In cases where a large discrepency exists in size and shape, and a lift will not achieve the desired results, a staged procedure with fat grafting (fat transfer from another area of the body) to the breasts can be utilized. And though you do not seem interested in adding implants, they can be very helpful to achieve symmetry in dimension, upper pole fullness and overall volume of both breasts.

Breast reduction to even out asymmetry

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To achieve better symmetry of your breasts without implants, you can choose to get a breast reduction. This would decrease the larger breast so that is closer in size to the smaller breast. However, if you prefer to be larger, than an implant in the smaller breast would be your alternative.


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 You need to determine which breast you like better in terms of size.If you are against the idea of implants then the best option is a small reduction with a lift on he larger left Breast will give you move symmetry

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