PRK Perfect Vision then Worse Vision Later in the Day?

Hi I had Wavefront PRK done about 6 1/2 weeks ago. I'm still on steroid drops 2 times a day. What I'm concerned with is, I have perfect vision when I wake up in the morning, but vision gets worse and I get double vision after about 1 hour of waking. Then vision continuously gets worse ghosting throughout the day. Is this normal? Why do I have perfect vision in the morning but get bad vision? Also, I'm also an Asian. My eyelids are thick. Can the eyelids play part in making vision worse?

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PRK and Dry Eye

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Blurred vision that gets worse throughout the day while recovering from PRK is almost always due to dry eyes.  That is not surprising given how dry the weather has been this season.  The treatment is to maximize lubrication with artificial tears and to keep hydrated.  In some cases punctal plugs or lubricating ointments are necessary.  Having said that, since you are experiencing new symptoms you should see your surgeon and have him take a look.  Pre-operative selection and planning and post-operative care are the most important part of any surgery

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