Heavy Starbursting and Glare After PRK, What Are my Options?

I have starbursts and glare when my eyes are dilated (scotopic pupils-7.5mm) after I got PRK on May 22, 2012. It is nearing 6months and it hasn't gotten any better since I first got the surgery. My doctor has given my alphagan P (which cures all my night issues) but I don't want to be dependent on it for the rest of my life since it gives me dry and tired feeling eyes. I am seeing 20/20 so acuity is not an issue. What are my options? Will it resolve with time or have I ruined my night vision?

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Wait Longer for Night Vision Glare to Reduce

The first thing to try is definitely waiting longer, I would recommend six more months.  Most glare and halos vanish after 6 months but they can last longer. For now they are manageable with brimonidine and your vision is good.  Most glare and halos are caused by having a small amount of residual astigmatism that is not enough to effect vision during daylight.  If this persists once your refraction stabilizes, you have the option of pursuing an enhancement procedure to fix this or glasses for nighttime driving.  I would be reluctant to perform an enhancement on a 20/20 patient unless the glare and halos were debilitating.

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Night glare after PRK

#1, in 2012 you should have gotten a LASEK. that's an advanced PRK, i did my last PRK in 1999

if the alphagan works, it means it's due to your pupils dilating at night

therefore, all you need is an enhancement with a LARGER TREATMENT ZONE and a LARGER BLEND ZONE to MAXIMIZE THE DIAMETER OF EACH

you need to go to a SUPER EXPERT who OWNS HIS OWN LASER or otherwise he won't be skillful, knowledgeable enough, or confident enough to CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS and go beyond the treatment parameters that are standard in the laser

he would need to have completed a REFRACTIVE FELLOWSHIP and have performed OVER 1,000 SURFACE ABLATIONS HIMSELF to be qualified to do this, in my opinion

good luck, and again in 2012 i really feel very strongly that PRK HAS BEEN SUPPLANTED BY LASEK AND EPILASEK for all top, well-trained surgeons

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
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