Midline/dental Problems?

My teeth are not centered my upper lip and nose. Is this treatable and if so how serious of light of a treatment?

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Midline correction

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Correcting the midline is a definitely correctable condition with several possible treatments including bonding, veneers, and orthodontics.  The key is to visit a good cosmetic dentist that can see your particular situation and advise you of your unique choices.  Good luck!

Midline discrepancies can be corrected in a number of ways.

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If the midline of your upper teeth is not centered with your upper lip and/or nose, this discrepancy can be corrected in a number of ways including orthodontics and/or porcelain laminate veneers to create a more centered and proportional relationship. The treatment required often depends on the size of the deviation from the midline. Under 2mm is a minor flaw, more than 2mm requires careful planning and you should consult with a good aesthetic dentist.

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