Is Prednisone safe after fraxel?

I have just been prescribed 5 days of 25mg of prednisone then tappering off for 5 days for an unrelated issue ( possible gout). I had my fraxel treatment done a month ago my skin is still quiet red and feels warm and i have the orange peel texture on my skin. will the prednisone do further damage to the healing process or is it safe for me to take ?

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Prednisone after Fraxel

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Many patients who have Fraxel for wrinkles or scars at high settings are also prescribed Prednisone to help with any swelling.  Please consult with your treating physician for verification but it is routinely prescribed.

Prednisone can be safe after Fraxel

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Taking low doses of prednisone after fraxel laser treatments short term can be safe, and may even be prescribed to reduce swelling immediately after the procedure. Long term high dose steroids should be avoided becuause they reduce the healing process. The dose you have been prescribed should not impeed the healing from your treatment. Good luck!

Meg Cherry, MD
Birmingham Dermatologic Surgeon

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