Fraxel Repair: Can the doctor treat just the scar on my tip or does he have to treat my entire nose?

I only have one scar on the tip of my nose that I want to treat, the doctor said it'd be cheap now he says it's $1200?
He said that he would use the laser on the entire nose and that there would be no difference in price between doing laser on just the scar and doing laser on the entire nose. Does he really have to do the entire nose? I'm kind of uncomfortable with doing THE ENTIRE NOSE because I'm afraid of complications. I've read so many horror stories that id like to treat only in small areas not sections.

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Fraxel Laser for Scars on the Nose

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Fraxel laser is great for scars, particularly on the nose.  Without a photo it is impossible to know how deep that scar is and your skin type.  Depending on each it may be wise to do the entire area.  I also love Ematrix Laser for acne scars.  They have a special tip if there is just one small area of acne scarring.  Please find a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in Fraxel and lasers.

Fraxel Repair for scarring

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Hi November-- I treat a lot of scars and you can spot treat the scar, but that small treated area can stay pink for weeks depending on your skin type, treatment level, etc.  Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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