What Is The Recovery Time Post Fraxel Restore?

Hi, After performing Fraxel Restore Dual laser (to treat my acne scars) i wonder if i can easily resume my work after three days of the treatment and with applying a sun protector with (50spf)? Also i wonder if the Fraxel restore Dual can be applied on all face or it's preferrable to only apply it on acne scars area for more concentration?? (for example my acne scars are only on the cheeks and i have none on the forehead nor the chin)

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Recovery Time After Fraxel Restore Dual

Typically, you can easily resume your work after about 3 days of undergoing the treatment. However, Fraxel treatments do vary in their intensity. If your procedure is more intense, then there will be a longer period of time where you will be red and swollen. This is because the laser energy turns into heat energy, which is a form of trauma to the skin. And this results in inflammation, which is how your skin will try to heal itself.

Physicians typically treat the entire face with Fraxel Dual. This helps to even out the skin for better results. 


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Fraxel for acne scars usually takes several days to return to normal

I use the 1550 wavelength for acne scars and generally patients are red for two days and somewhat swollen.  Most patients felt comfortable returning to work the very next day.  I treat the entire face to smooth out the surface irregularities but may use increased energy over particularly deep scars.  It is important to treat the entire face.

Michele S. Green, MD
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Downtime after Fraxel

The Fraxel Dual has two laser wavelengths.  The first is the Fraxel re:store which treats texture and pigment, and the second is an additional laser which specifically addresses pigment.  If you had treatment with both, you will likely have more than 3 days downtime.  You will be red and swollen for 2-3 days.  The skin gets darker and peels, and that is usually noticeable.  If you had the Fraxel re:store only, then after three days you may be able to go back to work.  You have the same redness and swelling, but the peeling is much less noticeable so you would be able to resume your normal activities.  It also depends on how strong your treatment was.  The more intense it was, the longer you may be red.  Generally the entire face is treated, unless you are treating a surgical or traumatic scar that is only in one area.

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Recovery usually a few days after fraxel

most  (not 100%) patients treated with fraxel restore will be comfortable going back to work within a few days.

in general, one would treat the entire face evenly, not just certain  areas. hope this helps.

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