My dr. suggests combining IPL with Resurfx, 3 sessions. The Resurfx is quite expensive.

How much benefit will Resurfx give? What if I only do IPL?

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IPL + Resurfx Combo Treatments

At our practice we often combine IPL and Resurfx for full face color and texture treatments.  The IPL is primarily a color laser, it will target brown spots/ freckles/ sun spots and red spots/ blood vessels/ rosacea.  Resurfx is a treatment used to improve texture.  You may have heard it called "skin resurfacing."  We use it on scars, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, etc.  The combination treatment not only improves the color and brightness of the skin, but also the texture.  Patients say the combination treatment has the "wow factor."  When we created our pricing, we included the IPL treatment in the cost of the Resurfx, so if you buy the Resurfx, you are getting the IPL free.  Best of luck!

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