Plastic Surgery Before or After Dental Work?

Hi there I am planning to undergo both a rhinoplasty and otoplasty later this year. I am also going to get some dental work done (6 porcelain veneers). Would it be best to get the dental work done before or after my surgery.

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Which comes first, plastic surgery or dental veneers?

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I would have the dental veneers done first, unless you plan on waiting at least 6-months after the plastic surgery.

New York Dentist

Plastic surgery and dental work

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Many times when a cosmetic dental case is being planned photos are used to determine symmetry and to help determine where the teeth should fit within the confines of your face. Lip position and pupillary levels are all used to help determine this data. Both of the procedures mentioned do not seem to directly interfere with the landmarks used but multiple impressions and tissue manipulation can be pretty disruptive to the base of the nose and the associated tissues. I think that comfort wise the teeth would be first and then the plastic surgery second

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

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