What Do I Do with my Very Badly Decayed Teeth?

I have very bad teeth...alot are broken off at gum line and the ones that are left are very decayed...what is my best option?

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Badly decayed teeth

The most ideal approach would probably be extractions,implants and fixed bridges/prostheses. This can be very expensive and insurance typically does not cover much of it.You could try to find a dentist who understands a wide array of options and could set up a treatment plan to save some strategic teeth and make you removable partial dentures . Having the saved teeth would give you a lot more stability and comfort with the partial dentures than full dentures and would be a lot less expensive than the implant option.

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How To Treat Large Cavities and Missing Teeth

The issues that you are describing ( big cavities and missing teeth) are very serious and should be looked at by a dentist as soon as you can. Have you been told that you have bone loss?  Are your remaining teeth loose?  It sounds as though your case will be extensive and may require a combination of  dental implants, dentures, or dental crowns.  Be prepared for a costly treatment plan that may require quite a few visits.  Please see a dentist soon to avoid possible toothaches or serious infections! Good luck.

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Mini Implant Dentures

Based on your description, and taking in consideration there are no photos or X-rays,probably the best option would be removing all those teeth and getting Mini Implant Dentures (Mini implant supported Dentures), It is cost effective and you will have a new smile in just one week.

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Badly decayed teeth

If your teeth are as bad as you say they are I would definitely see a dentist in your area and have a treatment plan established that fits within a budget for you.  You can then see a couple of other dentists for a second opinion.  Good luck with whatever decisions you make

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