Is There an Age Requirement for Plastic Surgery?

What is the youngest age that a person can get Liposuction or any kind of procedure of the sort?

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Age limit for plastic surgery?

There is no age limit per se but under age 18 a parenteral consent is required, unless you are an emancipated minor and have a court order to that effect. We do reconstructive surgery for cosmetic reasons on newborns with cleft lips.  Dr Foster 

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Age minimum for Plastic Surgery

Thank you for your question.  Generally speaking, there is no age minimum for a plastic surgery procedure and every case is evaluated on an individual basis.  It is important that a patient has matured both physically and mentally before an elective procedure is performed and this is part of the consideration when consulting with young adults for a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure.  Parental consent is required for patients under 18 years of age.  

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Parental Consent Needed Under Age 19

There is no minimal age for cosmetic surgery, but parental consent is required for patients who are younger than 19.It’s unusual to perform liposuction in patients under 19, although rare exceptions do exist.

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Age Requirement for Plastic Surgery

There is no age restraint per se.  However, parental consent is sought for patients under 18.  The patient must have matured physically and have the intellectual and emotional capacity to handle the surgery.

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Liposuction done after age 18

With very rare specific exceptions, we do not do elective cosmetic surgery such as liposuction on teen agers.  Your body and your mind are still evolving. Rhinoplasty is an exception.

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No specific age limit for plastic surgery

There is no specific age limit for plastic surgery. We perform aesthetic as well as reconstructive surgery. First, consent can only be obtained from someone of legal age so if the person is underage, they need a parent or guardian. And, of course, the surgery has to be appropriate.

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Youngest age for Liposuction

Elective cosmetic liposuction is done only at age 18 and older provided the person is a candidate and mature.

Reconstructive surgery is done for reconstructive purposes can be done when deemed appropriate by the surgeon.

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Cosmetic surgery on teenagers: What age limit?

Plastic surgery can be considered cosmetic or reconstructive.

Reconstructive procedures have no age limit and can be performed at any time. In fact some surgeons have performed in utero reconstructive surgery on fetuses.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic plastic surgery is controversial. Traditionally it is reserved for patients 18 years and older. However, certain procedures have commonly been performed before this age such as rhinoplasty (nose job) or reduction mammaplasty (breast reduction).

Procedures such as liposuction have traditionally been deferred until adulthood although certain surgeons are willing to perform this procedure on minors.

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Usually eighteen.


You need to be of legal age to be able to give consent for surgery.


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