I Am Planning to Have a 3 Unit Fixed Bridge Made. My Question Is, if a Bone Grafting is Necessary?

I am planning to have a fixed bridge my question is if a bone graft necessary. I was told by one dentist that it is not and another yes.

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Bone Graft for Bridge

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Unless you have an enormous defect you should not need a bone graft when a bridge is placed.

Bone graft for a bridge

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You do not need to do bone graft for a bridge to replace a missing tooth. Even if you have defect on your ridge on front teeth and you are not happy with it due to cosmetic, you will be able to fix it with soft tissue graft.

Ali Makhmalbaf, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

I Am Planning to Have a 3 Unit Fixed Bridge. Is a Bone Graft Necessary?

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Almost always NO. There are different types of graft though.

But, It is not uncommon that you need a soft tissue graft. If it is a front tooth (and sometimes a back or side tooth), part of the final "look" of the new bridge has to do with how the outline of the gum (especially in the missing tooth space) lines up with the edge of the teeth. Over the years, the supporting tissues get thinner. In this area we don't need "bone" so much as just thick gum tissue.

If this is for a front tooth, make sure to visit an experienced cosmetic dentist. They can help design the best look overall, as well as they usually work with the finest ceramic labs, which determines how natural the final result looks.

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3 unit bridge Bone needed?

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For a fixed bridge you dont need any bone graft , unless you need a ridge augmentation.

without any xrays or photos its difficult to determine why one told you that you need that and the other one told you didnt.


Jose Alonso DDS

Oral&Maxillofacial Surgery

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