How Can Some Places Charge Up to a Thousand Less for Ulthera Than Others? Is There a Diff

I have seen ulthera for so much more (4000) in VA than in FLA or even Beverly Hills -- it costs like 2500 there -- all for the same thing!! How can this be? Please explain. I could easily drive or fly to get this done as I have time off, so I will -- as long as I am getting the same thing, which is what is seems like. (I found the docs all on this and other reputable sites.)

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Ulthera costs - compare apples to apples

The cost to the practice depends on the number of pulses that are used.  Practices pass these costs on to the patient.  When comparing prices, make sure that you are comparing the same procedure.  Ulthera typically comes as 1) full-face, 2) upper face and 3) lower face/neck.  Full face is most expensive because it requires the most pulses and the most time to administer.  Upper face is cheapest because it requires the least pulses.  It typically costs less than 50% of full face.

The costs of the same treatment (eg full-face) will also differ by zipcode because there are differences in the costs of overhead and the amount of competition. 

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Ultherapy outcomes and pricing

They may be using less vectors of treatment. But it is difficult to say as there are other factors such as overhead and sometimes bulk buying of transducers which lower the price of disposable equipment. 

Focus on outcomes and exxperience of the physician. 

We perform Ultherapy in our Williamsville, NY and have done hundreds/

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Price for Ulthera depends on several factors

Ultherapy, which uses highly focused ultrasound energy, is delivered in pulses to stimulate the collagen layers under the skin. Since ultrasound transducers wear out with use, there is a cost per pulse which in turn translates to price to the patient. The more pulses, the higher the cost, and what we are learning is that several hundred pulses are typically required for optimal effect. It would be possible to lower the cost by doing less so that is one possible factor. Also, the competitive environment for the local market, the practice reputation, and other costs such as rent will differ.

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Ultherapy and cost

There are different ways that Ultherapy is performed and can vary from patient to patient and physician to physician.  The number of transducers used, the number of lines placed, and the number of different cosmetic areas treated,  add up to a different amount of time that the procedure can take and the cost to the physician. Some may advertise a lower cost because they don't specify that cost is only for a limited area. An ethical repuation, and good customer service are important and you may not get that with all practices.  Cost can vary with geographical location too,

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