Where is the Best Place to Find Pictures of Breasts That I Can Give my Surgeon?

I just need to find some really good breast pictures so that I can give the one I like best to my new surgeon when he does my replacement implants after the mess I ended up with post mastectomy/cancer. I have searched online and cannot find what I am looking for except for 1 and that was here but they are a little too big for my frame. Any suggestions? The pictures I have seen either have tan lines, unpleasant nipples, and basically unattractive breasts. Help Please.

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ASPS is a great resource for Before and After photos.

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A great place to view before and after photos is at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website. This offers you the ability to see results, both good and bad, and to get an idea of what's possible. I've listed the link below.

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Internet is the BEST place to find photos.  I also have 100's of breast surgery photos on my site and there are megasites (such as this one) that have photos from many surgeon's.  Print out the ones you like but I also recommend to my patients to print out the ones they don't like (and write down why they don't like them) because those photos are also helpful to the surgeon.

Pictures of breasts

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i would look at the mentor web site.  they have many pictures including the appropriate information  concerning height , weight, and implant size.another place to look would be at the american society of plastic surgery web site

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On my website there are around 100 before and after photos.  I think you will find my site very helpful.

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