Did You Ever Hear of Mondors Bands Being Cured by Manual Manipulation?

My PS did it today in his office when I showed him how they were. I'm not sure what he did exactly but they are gone now. He only used his hands and we can't figure out what he did. I wonder if they can come back?

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Cord on the breast

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The sudden appearance of a  cord under the skin , that is initially red and tender and subsequently becomes a painless, tough, fibrous band that is accompanied by tension and skin retraction, is mondors disease. Treatment is symptomatic because, to date, the disease has proved to be benign and self-limited. I have  had tension bands along the infra-mammary fold underneath the breast  and along the upper outer border of the breast . It has self resolved and stretching along the arm-breast junction is helpful . 

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Did You Ever Hear of Mondors Bands Being Cured by Manual Manipulation?

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Mondor's disease is self limiting and generally benign. A cause is often not identified, but when found include trauma, surgery, or inflammation such as infection. There have been occasional cases of associated malignancy.[4] Management is with warm compresses and pain relievers, most commonly NSAIDS such as ibuprofen. (from wikepedia). I never recommend massages. 

Mondor's Cords

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Mondor's cords are caused by clotting (thrombosis) of the superficial veins that cross the fold below the breasts.  The affected vein becomes tight and forms a band that is visible when you raise your arms.  It will go away in time as your body breaks down the clot and the vein softens.  Ibuprofen and massage can help.  I don't recommend warm compresses because you can burn your skin (which is usually a bit numb right after surgery).  One of my colleagues manually breaks the vein when he sees a cord which your surgeon may have done.  It is unlikely that it will come back, but if it does don't worry.  It's not permanent.

Bands below the breasts after breast surgery

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Best thing to do is massage, heat treatments and non-steroidal like Motrin, etc.

They are temporary and should resolve within a month.

Nothing but the best,

Dr. Lille

Breast Augmentation complications

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Mondor's disease is the inflammation and fibrosis of small veins, caused in breast augmentation by the fact that these little veins are cut when making the incision below the breast.. Surgeons sometimes also see this phenomenon in the arm after removing unwanted breast tissue in the armpit (axillary breasts).

Treatment is usually not required after breast augmentation as the condition resolves by itself, but may include manual massage or manipulation, which is a common treatment for fibrosis.

Hugh McLean, MD
Mississauga Plastic Surgeon

There are several ways to treat Mondors bands

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Mondors bands are relatively common after breast augmentation.  They are caused by the tissues tightening beneath the breasts after breast surgery.  They are usually noticed when a woman raises her hands over her head thus lifting and tightening the tissues under the breasts. This condition is self limiting which means that it goes away by itself.

When a woman develops Mondors bands, several things can be done to help them go away quicker.  One is to massage the bands to soften the tight tissues. It sound like your doctor did this.  Other treatments include applying warm compresses to relax and soften the tissues.  A wash cloth warmed up with warm water can be used to do this--be careful not to use hot water and burn yourself.  Other people recommend using anti-inflammatory agents such as Motrin or Alleve  since this helps reduce the inflammation in the tissues leading to the banding.

Your Mondors band might come back shortly after your doctor visit, and then you can try the above treatments.  Eventually they will go away and won't return.

James H. Schmidt, MD (retired)
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Postop cords under the breast

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Mondor's disease refers to cords that form under the inframammary folds after breast surgery.  This is due to inflammation of superficial veins in the skin under the breast which may or may not be associated with discomfort.  The process is harmless and usually resolves over  time with no treatment.  If there is any discomfort, anti-inflammatory drugs are useful.  If there is no discomfort, massage can help too.

Treatment for Mondors

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Massage can alleviate the symptoms of Mondor's.  Mondor's is likely caused by the blockage of the lymphatic system caused by the pressure and/or scar tissue caused by breast implants.  Often massage can alleviate the symptoms, but they can return.  If it reoccurs, ask your surgeon to show you how to massage the area for yourself.

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