Does Photodynamic Therapy Permanently Minimize the Sebaceous Glands?

will photodynamic therapy permanently decrease the size of the sebaceous glands or is it only temporary?

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PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) with Levulan will give long term but not permanent decreased size of sebaceous glands

Levulan is absorbed preferentially in sebaceous glands.  After laser or light activation, there is "shrinkage" of these glands and therefore improvement in patients with acne.  After 2 or 3 treatments, there is long term control of acne (some have 5 years or more).  However, more commonly, yearly treatments are needed to control the acne because the sebaceous glands gradually grow back.  

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PDT for enlarged oil glands or sebaceous hyperplasia

A published medical article demonstrated that sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands) respond favorably to a series of PDT treatments.  However, PDT will not permanently reverse your likelihood to develop new lesions.  Maintenance PDT therapy or other destructive treatment options may be necessary from time to time to keep your skin clear of enlarged oil glands.

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Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and Sebaceous Glands

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) can temporarily shrink the sebaceous glands (think grape to raisin) for a period of time.  Sometimes when a few PDT sessions are administered in sequence (around every 3-4 weeks), the effect can last 6 months or longer.  At any rate, the effect is not permanent and usually one needs to have "booster" treatments to maintain the nice improvement.

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PDT can shrink sebaceous glands

PDT can be ab effective treatment for enlarged sebaceous glands, enlarged pores, and acne. ALA application followed by blue light may be necessary for best results.

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