Can you tell me if Fractora is good for scars?

Can you tell me if fractora is good for scars? Not fraxel restore, not co2 or repair. Fractora. I had heard of fractora doing better than the other lasers. If so is there any doctors who use it in and around the Phila area or Tampa?

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Fractora is great for acne scarring

I'm not sure what type of scarring you have, but if you have acne scarring, Fractora is a revolutionary procedure. I find it to be light years ahead of dermabrasion, Fraxel, CO2, or Erbium. It will take maybe 2-3 high energy treatments just because acne scarring is so much deeper, but the results are fantastic. I have many thrilled patients from this treatment. You want to look on the InMode website (the company that makes Fractora) for providers near you.

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Treating Acne and Acne Scars with Fractora

Fractora is an excellent treatment for acne scars. Until recently, it was difficult to correct acne scars including ice pick scars, as the different modalities available didn't give very satisfying outcomes. . The Fractora treatment utilizes Radiofrequency (RF) to both knock out the actual acne lesions and also stimulate the skin to make new collagen, hence building up the scars from the bottom up in the skin. Just 4 treatments have been shown to reduce scar depth by 50%. It's also safe for all skin colors, so patients with dark skin types can benefit from the treatment, unlike with the other laser treatments out there, which cause pigmentation changes in darker skin types. Not only does Fractora improve acne scarring it also addresses active acne and residual red and brown spots in the same treatment. With each treatment, the skin will keep turning out new, plumper collagen for as long as 6 months, and so the appearance of the skin will keep improving long term. 

Judith Hellman, MD
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Fractora and acne scarring

Fractora is less well known than some of the more marketed systems, but because it's not a household word doesn't mean it's not as effective or even more so than other technologies.

Because Fractora uses radio frequency instead of laser, there is a better chance to bypass post treatment pigmentation for those skins that tend to pigment after laser (which is most anyone who's not Scandinavian). This makes it a desirable option for any physician who is treating patients with ethnic blended skin. If you tan easily, then it's a given that heat treatments will excite melanin cells and create what's called PIH or post inflammatory pigmentation.

For acne scarring, there are combinations of Fractora treatment tips that can treat both superficially and deeply, which is a perfect combination for scars. 

The company website, Inmode Aesthetics, has a physician finder so you will need to take a look there for a practice with the system in place.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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