Grid pattern still in skin 3 years after laser?

Its been 3 years now scince i had fractional laser and i still have the grid pattern punched in my skin and also white thickened skin in wierd patterns which i believe is scar tissue from the laser through being treated too aggressively. Had 6 needling treatments which has improved it but its not completley gone what can i do

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Grinding and lasers.

This can happen with certain lasers, and is not uncommon. After 3 years and needling treatments, I suggest that a non ablative fractional laser be used. I prefer 1927 Fraxel in a high density setting. Another last resort option is fully ablative laser resurfacing. This can be a difficult problem to totally resolve, but it can be improved. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Correction of grid pattern

I would recommend more resurfacing treatments with appropriate pre/post skin care treatment including retinol and hydroquinone.  I would personally use a fractional CO2 laser with conservative settings, but others may recommend non-ablative lasers which are good options as well.

Guy Cappuccino, MD
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Laser scarring

Good morning!  The grid pattern resulting from your previous laser may be related to the type of laser that was used.  It may have been an ablative laser rather than a safer, nonablative one.  For further treatment, you may want to consider something like a 1540 nonablative fractional laser. This will prob take 3-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Make sure that you are receiving treatments with a newer laser to limit your risk of additional scarring. Hope this helps!!  Dr. L

Thomas Lanchoney, MD
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