Normal for Mommy Makeover Surgery to Affect Menstrual Cycle?

I had a full mommy makeover on May 28. Tummy tuck, lipo & BA. My period should have arrived on June 27, its offically 1 day late. Is this normal? I am ALWAYS on time with my period-never late other than when I was pregnant with my son :) Could it be that having the tummy tuck and the meds I was on is making my period late? I havent had sex in over 2 months so I KNOW Im not pregnant.. Anyone experience this?

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Mommy Makeover Surgery and the Menstrual Cycle

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This is not uncommon and completely normal. Surgery, anesthesia, and stress can effect your menstrual cycle. If your cycle is not back to normal within a few months you may want to contact your OB/GYN.

Changes in Menstrual Cycle Common

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It’s not unusual for women to note changes in their menstrual cycles following any type of stress.This can occur with both emotional stress and physical stress.It’s safe to say that a major surgical procedure can cause both types of stress.For these reasons, we frequently see women who have had changes in their menstrual cycles following Mommy Makeover surgery.

Surgery Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

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This is not an uncommon story. My experience even in women as "regular as a clock" with surgery scheduled between periods often start the day before, day of or within a few days after surgery or contrarily can be late. Menstrual cycles can become irregular at times of stress, from surgery and anesthesia. It should not be a problem. A pregnancy test should probably be done even though you "KNOW" you're not pregnant.

Mommy Makeover and Menstrual Cycle?

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Thank you for the question.
Yes, any surgical procedure can cause alteration of the menstrual cycle and “make your period late".   Your cycles should return to normal within a few months;  if not,  consultation with your OB/GYN may be necessary.
Best wishes.

Normal for Mommy Makeover Surgery to Affect Menstrual Cycle

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It is not unusual at all for a women's menstrual cycle to be affected by having surgery and general anesthesia.

Alteration in menstrual cycle, menses, period near or following surgery.

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First, make sure you are not pregnant. Secondly, any physical stress can cause alterations in the menstrual cycle. If this persists you may want to discuss it with your gynecologist but I would not be concerned at this point in time.

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