When Would a Patient Choose Bonding over Lumineers?

Are there any situations that still warrant bonding instead of lumineers?

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Bonding vs. Lumineers

Yes. All situations! Bonding should be done if you cant afford porcelain veneers or you are very young with relatively perfect teeth that just need small amounts of cosmetic treatment.

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When would a patient choose bonding over lumineers?

If you have minor irregularities or corrections to be done on a few teeth. bonding works very well. Bonding is used as a filling material as well as to cover the back or the front of an entire tooth to mimic a veneer.  Bonding does not last as long as a veneer or lumineer and the color is dull and it does not reflect light like a veneer of lumineer. The postivie part of bonding is it is much cheaper than a veener of lumineer.  Also with veneers, you will have reduction done to your teeth and so there is no going back. Lumineers are as thin as a contact and no reduction to the tooth is necessary,  but you have to be the proper candidate for this non prep procedure. You need to have small teeth with spaces between them so you do not look like you have huge teeth that are disproportionate with the rest of your  facial features.  Lumineers are costly and so are veneers.....so there is a difference in price. quality and appearance and longevity of each dental procedure.

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Bonding or Lumineers

There are many cases where bonding would be a better treatment option than Lumineers.  You have to be very careful when considering Lumineers as they are not a wise choice for certain cases.  If you have small teeth with spaces between them, then Lumineers would look fine.  That being said traditional porcelain veneers would always look better than Lumineers.  Dental bonding can be a nice treatment option as long as you are realistic with your expectations. Good luck. 

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When would a patient choose Bonding over Veneers?

This question is often asked and routinely misunderstood.  Bonding can be used as a filling material in teeth and can be used on back and front teeth.  Bonding can also be used on front teeth to cover the tooth as a veneer.  However, bonding does not last nearly as long as a porcelain veneer and the color of a bonding veneer can change colors whereas the porcelain will never change color.  A well fabricated set of veneers shoudl last for many years and always will keep the look of youth.

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When can you do bonding over lumineers(veneers)

There are many situations that bonding can and will be considered as ideal treatment. Your treatment plan first off should always take care of you main concerns and problems. If you have minor discrepancies and/or corrections to make a simple bonding could be a great form of treatment. This would allow you to repair or restore your oral in an even less invasive way. Veneers are a great option but they are an irreversible option. I hope this helps.

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