Lumineers over Dental Crowns?

How are Lumineers used to give a "straight teeth" looking smile over dental crowns?

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Lumineers over crowns

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Dont ever try to cover existing crowns with lumineers. It is awful. You will look like a horse and pay as much as re-doing your crowns.

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Can You Bond Lumineers Over Dental Crowns

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Lumineers  can be bonded over dental crowns, but I do not really see the point in it.  By doing this you can make the tooth look too bulky.  I would rather take the existing crown off and bond on a new all ceramic crown.  Your results will be much better! 

Sure it can be done, but why?

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You can bond lumineers to percelain crowns but I don't recommend it for a couple of reasons.

Lumineers are terrible quality veneers and should be avoided at all costs.  With the advent of Lava crowns why not just replace the crowns for a beautiful result that will cost about the same amount.


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Lumineers or Feldspathic Veneers, can be used over Dental Crowns.

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Lumineers or similar type of resotrations (Lumineers are really just a brand name, like Kleenex is to tissue) can be bonded to porcelain crowns to camouflage crooked teeth.  There is a debate on whether or not this is the best way to fix things though.  I can tell you that many of my patients that have had old crowns and wanted them to look better, straighter, whiter, using newer materials. I usually remove the old crowns and replace them with a more esthetic all porcelain material.  Often I find decay or leakage around these old crowns and replacing them becomes not only an esthetic advantage, but functionally a huge improvement.  It is almost impossible for a dentist to know what is under a crown.  Putting beautiful veneers over crowns could be risky.  The other disadvantage to this method is that the bond to porcelain is not always predictible or successful.  If you go forward with this method the bonding must be done very carefully.

Lumineers over dental crowns

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With new bonding technology, Lumineers can be placed over dental crowns.  The crown must be without any decay, or causing any problems with the gum tissue.

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