Painful Nerve After Cheek Malar Implant -- Will It Improve?

Nearly 6 weeks ago I had cheek implants at the same time as a face lift. Immediately after the surgery, my left cheek was painful and tender near my eye. It is no longer painful in that area. Now the pain is more in the lower area of the left cheek implant. The implant on my right is fine. There is some minor welling that comes and goes. Will the nerve pain eventually go away? If so, how long might it take to get better? What should I do at this point?

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Infraorbital Nerve Discomfort After Cheek Implants

Temporary infraorbital nerve numbness or discomfort can occur after placing cheek implants. As long as the pain and numbness are lessening a little each week, it sounds like it may go away by 3 months after surgery. If it does not improve or gets worse, the you should let your plastic surgeon know as the implant may be actually compressing on the exit of the nerve from the bone.

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Pain after Cheek Implant

The pain is probably secondary to irritation of a sensory nerve secondary to the procedure or the implant itself. This is usually transient like the pain you felt immediately after the surgery. Consult with your surgeon.

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Painful cheek

This is a hard one without an exam. The implant could be pressing on a nerve. Depends also on which style implant was used as they are different shapes and sizes. The one nerve that is of most concern is the infra orbital nerve which may have also been bruised during the procedure. How long will it last, depends on the cause. Again, you need  to be examined, preferably by your PS.

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