Painful Lumps/ Knots After Upper Arm Lipo, What to Do?

Day 10. I wore Ace bandages for a week then my doctor told me I didn't need them. When I was wearing them they would create deep indents around my arm and the tissue that was swollen would become hard rings. I'm developing hard knots/ lumps that hurt so bAd. Should i be massaging, wearing some sort of garmet and if so what do you prefer and is it okay to use the cream icyhot to help with pain? Can i use heat or ice And what will help smooth these knots out? could these knots be withon my muscle?

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Garments for arm liposuction

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Marina and others have lovely arm vest garments for men and women having arm liposuction.  I prefer these wonderful garments to ace wraps that are basically impossible to put on in any comfortable and productive manner.  Marina makes the garments and they are great.   Lumpiness in your arms is common after liposuction and it may take 3 to 4 months to totaly go away.  Massage helps.   I feel that the high tech ultrasound treatments are a waste of your money.  Get massage.   Be patient.  You are only 10 days and healing takes one year.   Possibly getting the garments would be productive.   My Best,  Dr C

Painful knots after arm liposuction

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Thank you for asking about your painful knots after arm liposuction.

  1. 3-6 weeks of compression helps with liposuction comfort and swelling,
  2. Pain from an ace bandage means it is/was too tight, loosen or remove it,
  3. Painful knots  after liposuction respond to a very small, dilute steroid injection,
  4. Ice helps swelling; I would not use creams or heat,
  5. A garment sounds better for you than the ace wraps. Call your surgeon to get his/her help. Best wishes!

Liposuction of the arms

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If you had liposuction of the arms you are probably better off wearing a good compression garment.    Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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