Painful Lump in Chest After Vaser/Smart Lipo

It's now been three months since liposuction (Vaser/SmartLipo)to reduce my chest. Since the 2 month mark my right nipple has become increasingly sore and swollen, to the point that even a hug can hurt. The doctor suggested I try Advil for 20 days, then move on to antibiotics, as i have no fever. I am on day 7 of Advil and it has had 0 positive affect.Should I think about another opinion? Any idea what the lump could be?

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Painful lump after gynecomastia surgery.

SmartLipo/Vaser are great methods of treating enlarged male breasts in the proper candidates.

A painful lump which developed several weeks after surgery could be one of several things.

1. residual breast tissue which is irritated and inflamed.

2. a seroma or fluid collection which is consolidating.

3. scar tissue from the incision which is firm, thick and tender.

Follow the advice of your surgeon, and things will likely improve.

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Painful lump chest after vaser smart lipo

Its possible you have some lingering swelling or inflammation that would go away with more time.  I would wait at least 6 months, but if it doesn't go away you probably have some underlying gynecomastia that is more sensitive because the fat was removed around it but the hard glandular tissue was not removed. In my experience the next step would be to have it excised. This is easy to perform in a minimally invasive way.  I would recommend you discuss it with your board certified plastic surgeon.
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Post operative liposuction on the chest

You should follow the directions of your surgeon that you trusted to schedule the surgery, but if you don't improve in a short while, or if symptoms worsen then you can see a second opinon. Certainly if you want to see someone else now that is ok. Focal tenderness can occur in different areas, but hematomas and cysts and inflammed fatty areas can occur and cause tenderness but if there is a delayed infection/abscess, which is very rare but can occur, then it should be evaluated now.

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