Pain when Wearing a Bra Post-op

20 days post-BA (250cc silicone moderate profile unders inframmary). At 14 days with surgical strap I felt the implant edge on the left breast. My PS said to stop wearing the strap and try a supportive sport bra. The sport bra hurts: muscle spasms, tightens up, feels like 'let down' when breast feeding. Some numbness and tingles. Have tried different bras. Am massaging. The muscle is tight and ROM is limited on left side. Sensitive to touch. Can feel the implant over most of the left breast.

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Bra strap after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Your surgeon may be wanting to influence the decent of the implants within the breasts over the first six months after surgery as it usually takes several months for the breasts to settle out. If the strap or bra is uncomfortable I would revisit with your surgeon to see if there are other options as comfort is very important after surgery. 

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Pain with bra after breast aug

Your breasts are settling and the nerve has become irritated and muscles are tight. You are still early in healing and the issues you have mentioned will subside over time. I know it must be hard to deal with this but it really does get better. If you are this concerned then you should speak with your plastic surgeon and have him/ her correlate the symptoms with an exam. He may ask you to go without a bra.

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Pain following Breast Augmentation

Make an appointment with your Plastic Surgeon.  He may want you to go without a bra for a while.  We would not recommend any push up bras or underwire at this time.  Remember, you are still in the healing phase.

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Post breast augment pain

It is possible for muscle spasms to continue postoperatively and this is part of the healing process. If you have any issues, you should return to your plastic surgeon. Many patients find the sports bra to be extremely comfortable. It is desirable for you not to wear a push up or underwire bra during the healing process.

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Common with subpectoral implant

What you are experiencing is very common after subpectoral implantation.  I am not fond of massages with textured implants under under the muscle as it may increase your symptoms and does not decrease capusules from forming.  Your implants appear to be well positioned so the need for any type of external bra or straps is unneccessary.  Just use what makes you comfortable and time will take care of the rest.

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Pain following silicone breast implants is common

I'm sorry to hear you are uncomfortable three weeks post-op.  Though the symptoms you are reporting are all possible during the healing process following breast augmentation.  Sensitivity of the skin to light touch or garments is usually a sign of nerve regeneration or recovery.  This  usually precedes the return to normal sensation as the nerve recovers. Muscle spasm is also common for patients with implants under the muscle and massage or stretching have been beneficial for many patients.  Your stretching should help you recover more range of motion. You should talk to your plastic surgeon about your concerns, as there are medications that may alleviate many of your symptoms until you have fully recovered.  Good luck to you. 

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Avoid the bras or any other tight device

It is normal to feel the different symptoms you are experiencing this early after your surgery.

It may take months after the surgery were you may feel tingling and pain. Many times this is due to regeneration of severed nerves.

I typically let my patients breast "hang" with no wire bra for the first 3 weeks. If needed the were a sports bra.

Massage and warm compresses may help easy that discomfort.

Good luck

Post-Op Pain

Everything you are feeling physically is normal. I recommend that you massage your breast and do some light stretching. If you have questions on how to massage your breasts please contact your doctor's office. The numbness, tingling, and muscle spasms should subside overtime. Healing varies from patient to patient.

Michael A. Fiorillo, MD
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Breast Augmentation questions

It is not unusual to experience pain, numbness, tingling, muscle spasms and tightness 20 days following breast augmentation.  Your symptoms will improve with time.  Massaging the breasts is also helpful in relieving many of your symptoms.

Andrew P. Giacobbe, MD
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