Pain in Left Cheekbone Implant After 2 Years

Hi, I had cheekbone implants almost 2 years ago and in the last few months I've had pain on my left side only when my face is pressed on my pillow. The pain is mostly under my eye. I'm pregnant and very concerned because I can't take antibiotics or go through surgery. Is this something serious and what should I do? Please help me.

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Sleeping on Face and Cheeks Could Be Cause

Not sure.  If it's just occassional pain, you sleeping on your face and cheeks could be causing the edge, of the cheek implant, to put pressure on the infra orbital nerve which is just below the lower eyelid.  Try sleeping on a U-shaped pillow for a few nights to see if the symptoms improve. 

As long as your cheeks are not red or have increasing swelling, this may be the explanation.  However, if any of these other symptoms appear, you should be seen and evaluated by the original surgeon or another experienced in cheek augmentation.

The question, is why now?  Pregnancy, as you know causes all sorts of swelling and it might just be a temporary thing that passes as long as you don't put any added pressure on the implants by sleeping on your face.

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Cheek pain and pregnant

If you are having pain with a cheek implant and you are pregnant, you should definitely get checked out by your doctor.

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Pain in Cheek 2 years after Implant Placement

Although your pregnancy will limit treatment options, see your surgeon for evaluation and diagnosis. He/she  will consult with yoiur obstetrician re alternatives.

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Pain in cheek implant area.

You should return to your surgeon as this is not normal. If that is not possible see another surgeon for an evalustion of the cause.

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