How is Oxylift (for home use) different than Ultherapy?

I'm really afraid of the pain I read in the reviews. The website for ulther near me says no pain...! I am 49 & my neck & checks are falling and pale with wrinkles on cheeks. I dont care for makeup, but i am shocked now at how i look much older than 49. I dont smoke & live fairly healthy lifestyle & have been keen with sunscreen for years. Thanks!

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Ultherapy or OxyLift, which is best ?

Ultherapy is FDA cleared to provide noninvasive tightening of the skin in the face, jowls and neck along with the eyebrows (lift and tone), undereyes and decolletage.

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

Home devices will not safely reproduce the effects of Ultherapy in any significant way or in any safe manner. 

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The advantage of Ultherapy

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive FDA approved procedure to lift, tone and tighten your areas of concern (the neck and face) without downtime.  So, there isn't a home care tool that yields the results an in-office Ultherapy treatment can produce. The discomfort associated with the procedure is patient specific and we have found it beneficial to have patients take an over the counter pain medication to minimize any potential discomfort.  Ultherapy does not specifically target skin texture. Therefore, you may consider a combination of Ultherapy and fractional laser resurfacing(to address the wrinkles on the cheek).  Lastly, be sure to discuss with your clinician the appropriate home care regimen to maintain the health of your skin in preparation of your treatment, as well as, post treatment. 

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Ultherapy well tolerated and better results now

Ultherapy is different now than when it first released. With new treatment protocols, there is minimal discomfort and more consistent results. It Works well in patients in your age range, and there is no home use treatment that comes close.

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