Overfilling, Underfilling, Max Fill? Whats Best for Least Amount of Ripples?

I do not want silicone implants. I want a natural look to slightly boost my b cup breasts using saline. If I had a 200cc saline breast implant, is the normal fill 200 and max fill 220 and overfill 250? Or is Max fill 200,normal fill 170 and overfill 250? I don't get these ranges listed as max fill over fill etc. is max and overfill the same? Which is better for less rippling? I've heard overfillin is best and then i've heard that makes it worse. Help?! Also...allergen v. Mentor? Or 'Ideal brand

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Overfilling, Underfilling, Max Fill

First of all in answer to your second question silicone as best to minimize the chance of ripples.

The maximum recommended fill for Allergan 200 cc implants is 220 cc. For Mentor is 220 cc implants the maximum recommended is 225 cc.

If saline implants are underfilled the chance of rippling is increased. When overfilled "scalloping" can occur. These are equally problematic in that they are palpable and occasionally visible irregularities along the edge of the implant. 

I use relatively few saline implants in my practice but when I do I try to fill them to the upper limits of the manufacturer's recommended volume.  Thanks for your question and best wishes

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Concerns about Breast Impact Size and Rippling?

It seems to me that you are very concerned about the  details of breast implants. You will find, that once you have selected a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon,  many of your concerns/questions will be answered during the consultation process.

During this consultation process, it will be important to communicate your goals clearly. In my practice I prefer the use of goal pictures as opposed to a discussion regarding cup size (which can be confusing…).  Furthermore, words such as “natural” mean different things to different people and therefore can be a source of miscommunication.

Generally speaking, saline breast implants should be overfilled to some degree if possible. However, the breast implant manufacturers' ( both of which have excellent products)  recommendations should be adhered to ( for most patients).  Under filling the breast implants tend to lead to increased rippling and/or increase risk of implant leakage. Overfilling the breast implants (past the manufacturer recommendation)  can lead to the breast implants feeling too firm.

 Again, I would suggest careful selection of your plastic surgeon (based on demonstrable abilities to achieve your goals)  and a careful communication with him/her. Once you have done these things, much of your anxiety about the specific implants size/filling should be alleviated as you allow him/her some license in achieving your goals.

I hope this helps.

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Saline breast implants and overfilling

Overfilling implants is recommended to decrease the amount of rippling shown in the implant.  There is a limit however as overfilling too much may cause us hardening of the implant and change the intended shape.  Both Allergan and Mentor implants are excellent implants, however, Allergan saline implants generally have a smaller fill ranges.  You should have discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon regarding proper measurement, sizing and examination and and let him or her provide realistic expectation of what your postoperative outcome will be.

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Filling implants

Underfilling implants is more likely to lead to rippling. The difference between 220 and 250 cc is very small and the implant size would be dependent on factors including your chest width, height/weight proportions, etc. Allergan and Mentor are the two highly respected names in the business; both have warranty programs and are reliable.

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