Outtie to Innie?

I had my hernia repaired many years ago, but I am unhappy with the appearance of my outtie. What is a reasonable estimate for an umbilicoplasty that involves changing my outtie into an innie? (I have no need for tummy tuck, liposuction, or hernia repair.)

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An outie usually means that you still have an umbilical hernia. It will be an innie when it is repaired

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Cost of Outer to Innie Bellybutton Conversion

Most outie belly buttons represent some form of a hernia, even if it is just a little peritoneal fat poking through. In some cases, particularly after abdominal surgery, it may represent a detachment of the umbilical stalk so that the outie is caused by a lack of adherence to the abdominal wall.While outie to innie belly button conversions can be done under local anesthesia for around $1500 in most cases, it is important to see the outie beforehand from different views to understand why it is there. Feeling it and pushing inward in both the standing and laying positions is the most helpful preoperative assessment

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Umbilicoplasty without hernia

      If there is truly no hernia, and the umbilicus just needs to be tacked down to the fascia to make an innie from an outie, this can probably be done in 15 or 30 minutes (depending upon expectations and how much subcutaneous fat you have) under local anesthesia. 

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Outtie to Innie

I would need to see a photo to answer this properly. An "outie" navel is usually a sign of umbilical hernia.

Please consider adding a photo to this posting. Thanks and best wishes. 

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