How to fix wrinkly and crepey skin? (photos)

Within the past month I've noticed that skin is starting to look like the pictures attached (not my pics), very wrinkly and crepey. Its only noticeable when I bunch up my skin or when I'm bending over/propping my legs up. When I'm in a standing position or laying flat my skin looks normal and firm. I dont know if its loose skin from unintentionally losing weight (im underweight) or extra fat. I'm also not sure if it's aging skin either but I'm only 25! Should I consider skin tightening surgery?

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Crepe Skin and Thinning

Fractional laser (fraxel / Clear + Brilliant) or fractional radiofrequency (sublative / viva) in combination with venus legacy or microneedling work great for this type of crepe skin. I suggest you find a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in off the face treatment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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