Orange Fluid Nipple Discharge After Breast Augmentation?

So I had a breast augmentation done almost 6 months ago, and at 3 months developed capsular contracture on left breast. I have been on accolate for 2 months, and now just recently my right side is starting the same thing.

There's very orange colored fluid coming out of the nipple when I push or massage them- what's that? Also my skin on my chest breaks out a lot, and I use stuff from the dermatologist to put on it- would that cause anything?

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See your surgeon

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There could be many different things happening here. See your surgeon and get this worked out. The "breaking out" on your chest is not normal, but again it is not something to treat yourself without your surgeon's guidance.

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Discuss nipple drainage following augmentation with your surgeon

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There are many different potential reasons for drainage, most of them are of no concern

However, in medicine, we are often taught to think of the worst possible explanation and then make sure that this is not the problem and then to look for less likely and less dangerous explanations. For example, when a 60 year old person eats a big meal and grabs their chest, our first medical thought is to think of a heart attack and only after we make sure it is not likely, then to blame it on indigestion which is most likely.

Since you recently had breast surgery and are experiencing capsular contracture, it is most likely associated with this. When you describe orange or slightly bloody drainage from the nipple our first medical thought is to make sure it is not breast cancer caused associated with papillomatosis. It is more likely to be fluid associated with, emanating from or aggravated by the breast implants. I would advise that you discuss this with your surgeon; depending on their assessment, they may possibly have fluid collected for cytology and culture. Once this is done, then you can rest assured and consider other methods of evaluation or treatment. You may benefit from an ultrasound.

I don't want to cause you undue alarm but you should have this evaluated especially if it persists.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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