One Breast Feels Loose After Augmentation

I had my breast enlargement over a year and a half ago, and just recently, my right breast has just started to feel slighlty loose compared to the left. It is not painful and only feels slightly different sometimes when im laying down or moving.There is no difference in the way they look. Do you know what this may be?

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Best guess is that your breast implant pocket on the loose side is a little larger.

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All breast implant surgery requires that the surgeon make a pocket in which the implant is placed. It is either under the breast, under the pectoralis muscle or a combination of both. Regardless there is this pocket in which the implant is placed. Your body then creates a pocket with a light scar tissue envelope. This new pocket can be very small and tighten which results in a capsular contraction and a hard breast implant, It can be large and allow the implant to move around in this new pocket. There certainly can be a difference from the pocket which develops on one side of your breast compared to the other. In your case I believe that one pocket is a little larger that the other and therefore you fell a difference in the way you implants move especially when you lie down. As long as they look good to you and fell good there is no problem. Just enjoy and remember that all of us are different from each other and that one side of our bodies is always different from the other. That is what makes us special.

Breast implant augmentation surgery

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Breasts are naturally uneven and age differently. You may be experiencing normal aging on right and may have a mild contracture on the left. Discuss your concerns with a plastic surgeon after a physical examination.

Consider change in capsule

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Difficult to say for sure without an exam, but in many ways the scar capsule around implants is a dynamic tissue interface. A small "tear" could produce a change as you describe and in and of itself is not dangerous or a problem. There also could be a chance of implant leakage, although less likely as you describe no change in appearance. Either way, consider a visit to the surgeon to review things and put your mind at ease.

Hope this helps.

Michael A. Marschall, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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