When can I go swimming or sit in a hot tub? Can I go sit in a sauna?

It's been exactly three weeks as of today since I had my breast augmentation surgery. My scars are healing well, the stitches are still visible on the ends of the scars. It looks like the other stitches have already dissolved. Thanks!

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Swimmimg After Breast Augmentation

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Patients are eager to return to normal activity as soon as possible following breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, returning to normal activity too soon can result in an increased potential for complications. Swimming is an activity that can potentially have negative consequences if resumed too soon.

Theoretically, once the skin edges have sealed in about 48 hours following surgery, these activities can be resumed. In reality, small absorbable sutures may break through the skin and become exposed. In this situation, infection could occur in a patient who is submerged in a Jacuzzi, pool, pond or ocean. Each of these environments may have unique and in many cases, antibiotic resistant bacteria that could lead to a significant infection.

In addition, plastic surgeons generally don't recommend resumption of strenuous activity for at least six weeks following breast augmentation surgery. Swimming can create significant strain on the core muscles and should, therefore, be avoided in the immediate post-operative period.

It's important to realize that every patient's procedure and post-operative course is unique. For these reasons, make sure you consult your plastic surgeon before getting into the water.

2 weeks or 6 weeks for swimming

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At 2 weeks after your surgery, you should be okay to go underwater if your recovery is going well. Swimming should not be done until about 6 weeks after surgery, since it is quite vigorous and requires upper body strength. However, please follow your surgeon's advice if they advise something different.

If you're outside, please make sure you cover up your incisions from sun exposure, as not doing so can make your scars much more noticeable.

Swimming after Breast Augmentation #breastimplants

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I allow my patients to swim after 3 weeks if all incisions are completely sealed and doing ok. You need to ask your surgeon what they want you to do. We all have different opinions on this one.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Sutures visible

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if you have visible sutures still I would wait and ask your PS.  I typically ask patients to stay out of the water for three weeks so you are close.

Hot tub

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The healing process takes 6 months to go to completion.
Fortunately, 90% of the healing strength is achieved by 6 weeks after surgery.
Without knowing your medical history, what type of sutures were used, how they were placed, and observing the wounds - it's not possible to advise you. Generally, I advise my patients to avoid getting overheated or physically stressed for the first 3-4 weeks following surgery in order to minimize swelling, which can increase the scarring. 
A competent surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is who needs to see you and answer your questions. Hopefully that's who you chose to do your surgery in the first place.

John Strausser, MD
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

If you have anything visible then please don't do anything until you speak with your surgeon!

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Please find an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society using the Smart Beauty Guide. These Plastic Surgeons can guide you on all aspects of facial surgery, breast augmentation and body procedures including tummy tucks or mommy makeovers!

In breast augmentation I have chosen to spend time reviewing photographs with patients to fully understand their expectation of size and shape. Many times this simply raises more questions. I will make measurements and use the implant guides to allow the patient to understand exactly the sizes that are reasonable for their body type and measurements.

Swimming after Breast Augmentation

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Ask your surgeon for your specific recommendations.  My patients are able to soak/swim/use a hot tub 3 weeks after surgery if the wounds are completely closed during that time.  Congratulations!

Emily J. Kirby, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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