Border of original areola left over after breast lift. What is the cost to have this fixed?

I had a breast lift with augmentation done about 6 years ago. I have the border of my original areola left over at the closure level, which I read is the result of having large areolas prior to surgery. I want to know about how much it will cost to have this revised. Thank you.

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Minor Revision


You will need to consult with a board certified Plastic Surgeon in person to determine the specific cost to you for correction. This could be relatively minor and done with local anaesthetic.

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Border of original areola left over after breast lift. What is the cost to have this fixed?

    The cost will depend upon the level of complication, but it may be as inexpensive as $1000 to $2000. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Minor skin revision

Depending on how much pigmented areolar skin is along the incision line, the procedure may be as simple as a small skin excision to re-opening all the old incisions and re-tightening the skin.  In any case, it should be fairly inexpensive to have this done, and can likely be done under local anesthesia (numbing medication) in an office setting.  This will be easiest for you in that there will be little discomfort, minimal down time, and minimal recovery.

Kyle Song, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Areola excess

Yes, this is a possibility when the areola are large and the positioning of the nipples is limited to a short distance. It should not cost a lot of money to revise the scars if possible to remove the extra areola tissue. An exam in person would be necessary.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Border of original areola left over

Revision policies vary amongst physicians.  I would recommend you see your original surgeon and ask him/her.  I'm sure they would be happy to discuss that with you.

Ernesto Hayn, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift revision

It is very difficult to answer your question without a photograph or proper physical examination. At times the revision may be possible under a pure local anesthetic. This would certainly make the procedure more cost-effective. If the surgery is more extensive then the use of an anesthesiologist/anesthesia would be required. This would Make the procedure more expensive. Thus the range in price could be $2000-$7000 in the Southern California region. 

Michael Zarrabi, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon
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