Will short term disability (Sunlife) cover recovery from cosmetic surgery?

I am planning to get a breast lift and implants done. I work in an assembly plant and have been told I can get short term disability for my recovery time for this procedure through Sunlife. My union informed me that you do not have to say what type of surgery you are having. Is this true? Or will they typically cover the recovery time even though it is cosmetic? Also-the work I do is strenuous with a lot of lifting 6 days a week. Will I be able to get 3 weeks off, and will that be enough time?

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Will short term disability (Sunlife) cover recovery from cosmetic surgery?

The answer to your question depends entirely on the wording in your specific contract. But it is true, in my opinion and experience, that they have no access to the type of care you received, unless your contract specifies you have to give them that information and you accepted that in your contract

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Thank you for the picture.

Plastic surgery is not covered for any benefits from disability.

Talk to your PS's practice to see if there might be options for this.

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Will short term disability (Sunlife) cover recovery from cosmetic surgery?

Many patients fill for short term disability for a cosmetic procedure, I fill out many of them and the patients haven't get denied, Every patient is different in the time of recovery you could always ask for the max time allow and returned before if you feel well enough to return and your physician approve it.  

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