Can You Do a Obagi Blue Peel on Dark Tan/olive/ Skin W/ Some Hyper-pigmentation on Face?

I am in my late 40's & have dark-tan/olive skin. Can I get a blue peel with out EXTRA hyperpigmentation to the skin. My purpose is to tighten skin, decrease fine wrinkles, and get rid of face blotchiness and slight hyperpigmentation to my skin. I have to be careful with my skin as it can hyperpigment easily. Are there alternatives to the Obagi Blue Peel, or something even better for dark-tan-olive type skin.

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Obagi Blue Peel fro Darker Skin

Yes, Obagi Blue Peels can safely be done on darker skin types. Your skin needs to be properly "prepped" by using the Obagi NuDerm System with tretinoin cream for at least one month prior to the peel. You will also need to follow the post-peel instructions very carefully to prevent excessive inflammation or sun exposure that can lead to increased pigmentation. 

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Obagi Blue Peel can be used on darker skin - with care

I have performed many Obagi blue peels on darker skin types.  When patients follow the instructions carefully, the results are great.  When they do not, there certainly can be problems with hyperpigmentation.  There are several things to take into consideration.  First, the peel should be performed by someone qualified to do so.  Careful consideration should be given to your skin type and proper pretreatment planned.  Additionally, post peel treatment needs to be done as well with the Obagi Nuderm regimen.  Alternative to this would be Fraxel Laser treatments.  There are certain machines that can be used safely.  The Fraxel may do more for skin tightening than the Obagi Blue Peel.  This is highly patient dependent and your physician can guide you in this manner.

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Obagi Blue Peel in Los Angeles

Our office specializes in various chemical peels, including the Obagi Blue Peel. Patients at risk of hyperpigmentation should prep their skin with Melarase creams prior to application of the Blue Peel .

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