Sculpsure/Cavitation/Massage. Any suggestions?

With regards to Sculpsure is it ok to continue doing cavitation and lymphatic massages after the procedure or can that lessen the effect of the Sculpsure?

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SculpSure and other non-invasive treatments

SculpSure is a safe and effective treatment in reducing unwanted fat around the abdomen and flanks. There are no supported research studies that suggest SculpSure will adversely affect other non-invasive procedures. 

A good rule of thumb is waiting 2 weeks in between any treatments, just to be safe!

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Thank you for your question. SculpSure is a very effective non-invasive treatment for removing subcutaneous fat and it does not need to be combined with other treatments for triplicate coverage. Instead, I suggest that you next consult in person with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to ensure that you achieve the maximum returns from your SculpSure procedure.

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SculpSure can be combined with other non invasive techniques

SculpSure can be combined with other non invasive techniques.  We use Endermologie after a SculpSure treatment session.  Just be careful with the timing of radio-frequency treatments, maybe wait 6-8 weeks after a SculpSure session.

David Finkle, MD
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SculpSure, Cavitation and Massage

It seems that you are doing multiple treatments for the same thing.  Cavitation treatments use utlrasound , whereas SculpSure is a true laser. The laser bypasses the skin to target the fats cells and causes them to basically melt away permanently. These treatments are only 25 minutes each and may only take up to 2 treatments. The cavitation treatments require up to 8 visits. The lymphatic massage may be good to decrease swelling and help you feel better, but for fat loss the results may not be sufficient.  If you combine SculpSure with a good diet and exercise program you will feel and look great. Our office offers SculpSure along with diet and exercise help.

Christine Eros, MD
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