Can numbing cream impact the effectiveness of EMATRIX?

I had my 2nd session today. Numbing cream (lido + tetra?something) was applied for 45 minutes and I was asked to wash it off in the restroom. There was no hot/warm water so the ice cold water made it really hard to take off the numbing cream but I did the best I could. It's now 4 hrs post treatment and I have very defined areas on cheeks that look as though I was never treated w/ ematrix. My cheeks have the grid marks but only in certain spots so I'm worried the laser/RF didn't penetrate appropriately.

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Skin prep before eMatrix

We use a lidocaine tetracaine topical cream and use an alcohol based wipe to cleanse the skin of all oil based products before the eMatrix procedure is done for best effectiveness.

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NO. In fact it can help.... just as long as it is removed prior to treatment.

If we are using very high treatment settings, say over 80 mj per pin, we use the standard 23/7 Lido -Tetracaine cream. This makes the treatment comfortable for patients, especially if treatment is around the eyes. We make sure that this is completely removed prior to treatment, so the pin can have good contact with a nice 'clean click'  when energy is delivered. Acetone or alcohol wipes post numbing cream is standard protocol. 


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EMatrix and Numbing Cream

Topical numbing cream is typically applied prior to EMatrix to make the treatment more comfortable.  The cream is washed off and the skin is cleansed with alcohol so that the oils are removed from the skin.  The EMatrix is very sophisticated in that it will notify the technician if a pulse is not delivered properly.

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Numbing cream before eMatrix

The numbing cream will have no effect on the results. After you cleansed your face your technician should have cleaned your face again with a specific type of alcohol to "degrease" the face. If this step wasn't done, then yes, that could have serious impact on results as it's 100% necessary to remove the face of all oils, creams, soaps, etc. before the treatment is performed. The pattern will be more evident in some areas due to the fattiness of the skin and dependent upon which settings were used where.

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