Will Getting a Nose Job Ruin the PRK Eye Surgery I Had to Fix my Vision?

I had LASIK on my right eye and PRK on my left eye to correct my vision. I know that after rhinoplasty, there is swelling near the eyes and I am worried that my vision will be affected by rhinoplasty. Should I worry about this or is it safe?

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PRK and LASIK before Nose Surgery

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I, typically, recommend waiting approximately one month after Laser Vision Correction(PRK/LASIK) before having any other procedure on the face, including dental work. I don't like the idea of procedures that might cause swelling getting in the way of our visual healing. That being said, I don't believe having nose surgery one month after eye surgery would create any problem at all.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Nose surgery after Laser Eye Surgery

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There is no reason to be concerned about nose surgery after either LASIK or PRK.  I would suggest that you wiat until healed from your eye surger before starting with any other procedure.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

Rhinoplasty and laser vision correction

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I don't think there is a need to worry that your rhinoplasty will adversely affect the results of your previous PRK. A little swelling near or around the eyes should not affect the cornea. If the swelling reduces your ability to close your eyes completely then be sure to use more lubrication such as artificial tears and gels. If you do have the rhinoplasty you should be examined by your eye surgeon shortly thereafter.

Christopher Starr, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

Rhinoplasty after laser vision correction

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It would be unusual for rhinoplasty to have any significant effect on your vision, whether you've had laser vision correction or not.

Howard S. Kornstein, MD
White Plains Ophthalmologist

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