Allergy Drops After Lasik?

After having Lasik to correct astigmatism, when can prescription eye drops for dry eyes and allergies be used?

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Allergy Drops After LASIK and Cataract Surgery

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Many of my patients suffer from environmental allergies all year long and are used to using an antihistamine eye drop to relieve the symptoms. At the time of eye surgery, whether LASIK or Cataracts, I tell them two things. One, that the post op eye drop regimen we have them use for about two weeks will make those allergy symptoms much less problematic. The reason is that one drop contains a steroid and, as we all know, we all feel better on just a little bit of steroids. We will taper you off of that steroid drop pretty quickly, as steroids can also cause some side effects. While on the steroid, the symptoms of allergy are rarely noticed. The second thing I tell my Lasik and Cataracts patients is that using an antihistamine eye drop can also cause some mild dry eye, which is also one of the short term side effects of eye surgery. So, resumption of the allergy eye drops should be postponed until about 7-10 days after surgery. Use of these drops, daily, has shown no long term side effects, so, after your brief hiatus to have eye surgery, it is fine to resume them.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Allergy eyes after LASIK

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Those who have itching after LASIK may use their ant-allergy drops after surgery in the same way as preoperatively.  Commonly, allergy symptoms are better after surgery during the active treatment process as the medications can block symptoms.  Those with significant allergy symptoms should discuss this issue preoperatively with their surgeon as allergies may increase the potential for postoperative complications.  Many have allergies from their contact lenses and after removal and surgery, they feel much better.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

Allergy drops after LASIK LASEK

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itchy eyes are exacerbated by allergens captured in contact lenses, so should improve after LASIK/EK so you probably won't need them postop in addition, you have to take steroid drops afterwards to prevent inflammation and possible scarring and the steroids are the strongest drugs on the planet to treat allergies so the good news is you won't have any allergies, at least immediately after your LASIK or LASEK!:)

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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