24 years old, hairline has been receding for 5 years. Am I a good candidate for Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 years old and my hair has been receding for the last 5 years. My hair is pretty thick everywhere else. Just the hairline keeps rising.

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Why hair transplants are not advised for men in their 20s, and stopping progressive hair loss and thickening thinning hair

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A personalized answer to your question is also on YouTube with the title, "Why a Hair Transplant isn't Advised in the 20s, and a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment".

Most transplant surgeons choose not to operate on patients in their 20s because of significant limitations of hair transplant surgery. The problem is that the patient is losing hair far greater than the amount of hair available to restore what's lost. Transplant hairs are taken from the donor area which has a limited amount of hairs. Today, it’s popular to perform procedures called follicular unit extractions (FUEs) and there are claims about "mega sessions" of thousands of hairs being transferred. Unfortunately, the donor area is very limited. If someone does get a transplant, they would still continue to recede and get another transplant, then another until they run out of donor hair.

In our practice, we developed a method called Hair Regeneration which is not surgery but an injection. This method was developed using a material called extracellular matrix (ECM)derived from pig bladder and combining it with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Extracellular matrix is a material that was originally designed for wound healing. It allows the duplication of cells native to a particular area, for example if it is applied to a muscle, it regenerates muscle, or if applied to skin, it regenerates skin. While ECM does not duplicate or clone hair, it was noted that when used it to assist in the healing of a donor area for a strip method for hair transplant, the thinning hairs became thicker.

In the past several years, we have been developing a formulation and delivery technique called Hair Regeneration. It restores the cells and signals necessary to reverse the thinning process - instead of hairs becoming thinner, they become thicker. We always advise prospective patients to get this done sooner because we can save the hairs that are thinning, but we can’t save the hairs that are gone.

You also have the option for the two FDA approved medications: minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil does not help reverse hair thinning but appears to prolong the presence of hair that’s thinning on the scalp which makes the hair look a bit thicker. On the other hand, finasteride blocks an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can cause hair follicles that are susceptible to the effects to DHT to thin. Finasteride can reduce DHT in certain people with male pattern hair loss, so they can get improvement. Unfortunately, people who are younger and have progression of frontal recession tend to not respond well to finasteride. There is also a lot of concern with the long-term sexual side effects of finasteride.

I would advise you to learn more about Hair Regeneration. Unfortunately, we don’t have specifics as to the exact reason why this works. It appears that the basic science of hair growth has yet to discover all of the critical stem cells and signals necessary for hair growth, which is why hair cloning remain elusive, and all of the biotechnology companies who tried to corner the market of hair loss have not done very well. Fortunately, we have been successful in trying to use this material which is already FDA approved and using it in an off label way to treat hair loss. I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

24 and wants a hair transplant

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From the pictures and your age, you are probably now a good candidate for a hair transplant. We can speak over the phone and review pictures that you should send me to evaluate your candidacy.  See over 1000 patients on our website and view the video below that show our routine quality of work

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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HT candidate

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From your picture you are a grade two on the Norwood scale of hair loss and you are a good candidate for surgery.  You need about 2000 grafts to rebuild your hair line and add density to the mid scalp area.  To slow down the loss of your native hair, you need to also start on a medical hair regiment routine,

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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If your hair keep "rising" you have to understand how high it will go before considering surgery.

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If your hair keep "rising" you have to understand how high it will go before considering surgery.  Hair transplant surgery may be an option but you need a good exam and understanding of your hair loss pattern.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Receding hair

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The question is your current age. People as young as you are must be careful because it is hard to predict future hair loss. A hair transplant at this time could trap you into doing many more procedures over the next several years. When I see someone your age, family history is critical.

Jack Fisher, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

24 years old, hairline has been receding for 5 years. Am I a good candidate for Hair Transplant?

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Because of your young age, it is best to start measures to slow down the progression of hair loss.  You should consult with a hair transplant surgeon for a complete examination of your hair and the degree of loss.  You would benefit from medical therapy at this point with Propecia (finasteride) to try and slow down the progression of loss as you are at great risk for losing more hair.   


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You are at an early stage of hair loss.  Probably Norwood class 2 or early 3.  You could have a transplant to reinforce the hair line you currently have.  But beware that you will likely continue to lose hair behind the transplanted areas and may be another procedure in the future.  I would consider using propecia and rogaine to slow the hair loss rate and keep some of what you have.  I would also consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to have a full evaluation. Good luck!

Adam Saad, MD
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon

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