Is It Normal to Have Yellowish Liquid Come from Area Treated by Fraxel?

After my first Fraxel done on an indented scar yesterday, some yellowish liquid slowly comes out from the treated area and the treated area is breaking out. Is it normal?

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Yellowish liquid is not common after fraxel and may be an infection

This is not normal. You should see a doctor.  The area should be checked for an infection immediately.

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Oozing is not normal after Fraxel

If you are having oozing after Fraxel Restore you definitely want your doctor to check this as it might be a sign of infeciton. However, as you had an indented scar treated, possibly it is a remnant of a cyst that is now secreting its content? If you had Fraxel Repair done, this is more injurious than Fraxel Repair, and the wound will take several days to heal. There is more risk with this procedure than the Fraxel Restore so call your doctor. If the scar was related to prior surgery and you have dissolving stitches, then you might have uncovered the way in which the body enzymatically digests the stitch and creates a fluid. See your doctor for evaluation.

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