Is It Normal to Have Vaginal, Genital Swelling, pain After Breast Augmentation?

As soon as I got into my hotel room after breast augmentation and used the restroom, it was not easy , but my Husband helped to me, I noticed that my vulva, my genitals, and my vagina is very swollen.I had weirid feeling of itching inside of my vagina.It is stays for a 5 days, and I could not fifure out why is it occurs? I remember I told my Husband, "why my genitals so swollen? did doctor like me so much that he penetrate me?

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Genital swelling with a breast augmentation

should not happen and I cannot even speculate on the possibilities.  If you felt you were violated or have objective proof, I hope you had a check up to verify this.  Otherwise you should ask your doctor about it and see how he answers your question.

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Genital swelling after surgery somewhere else

No, it is not normal to have genital swelling following a breast augmentation! I strongly advise you to consult a Board Certified Gynecologist, preferably one who has access to a 'rape kit' although, after 5 days I don't know how reliable the evidence will be.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
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Sorry to hear about your discomfort. Your description is a little odd. It’s hard to determine what it could be without an exam.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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